Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bring On The Heat.

I love the winter. I really do. 

I love the cozy layers, hot coffee, fuzzy mittens, gooey s’mores…

You know what I love more? 

The Summer.

Sundresses, sweet tea, metallic sandals, cool ice cream, gingham tablecloths, cook-outs, coral nail polish…Stop me when you get bored...fireflies..

Ok, seriously. I love the summer. 
And one of my favorite aspects of summer is the blooming flowers.

                                             Siesta Key, Fl                                                Key West, Fl

My Mom's homegrown sunflowers!

Tallahassee, Fl 

Key West, Fl

We might not have changing leaves in Autumn, but one thing Florida does have is beautiful foliage in the Summertime. 

Mom's azaleas. 

Crystal River, Fl

Crystal River, Fl

Tallahassee, Fl

Tallahassee, Fl

From the Panhandle to the Southernmost tip, the Sunshine State never disappoints this young girl eager to capture the beauty of a colorful petal. 
All of these images were taken in Summer 2010. Enjoy!

PS Is anyone else craving the sun's warmth???


  1. bring back the heat! i loved all these pictures. the close up detail is amazing

  2. Wow! Makes me want to get out my flip flops and shorts. The gerber daisy is brilliant, worthy of a double matte frame!