Monday, November 21, 2011

Up to the Atmosphere, Up Where the Air is Clear

"You can dance on the breeze
Over 'ouses and trees
With your fist 'olding tight
To the string of your kite..."

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hey friends!
So, per usual, it remains unfortunately warm in the Sunshine State
despite the fact that it is now November 18.
Talking to a friend of mine on the phone last night, we agreed that we have fully embraced the season change.
We've tucked away our shorts, hung up our coats, and eagerly placed our boots at the front of our shoe rack.

Unfortunately, the Florida heat is an independent force that refuses to withdraw.
Two days ago it was in the 80's.
But yesterday the high was 71.
I can't keep up!

Well, the heat may not relinquish, but the lush green leaves have.
At least we can enjoy looking outside (from the comfort of our air conditioned homes/cars), even though we might not want to actually venture outdoors.

I spotted these two trees while on a my daily biweekly run a few days ago. 
Naturally, I returned to the spot with my camera in hand.
Aren't they pretty?

Where are you enjoying your Autumn?
Hopefully, somewhere cooler (in terms of temp) than I!

Have a wonderful weekend.

P.S. For any of my followers who have Instagram, the editing in these photos is inspired by one of my favorite filters.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hoe-Down 2011

Two weekends ago, I had the GREAT privilege of photographing the Magnolia Farm Hoe-Down, a fundraising event for the Foundation Fighting Blindness.
The event took place at the Magnolia Farm- home of the Davidson family, who hosted THIS Bridal Shower for my sister in law, and whose daughter Kathryn I took THESE senior photos of last month.
For 9 years (non-consecutive), the Davidson family has held the Hoe-Down on their beautiful property. It is a fun-filled event for young and old that ultimately supports a greater cause, as all proceeds go to the Foundation.

Here is a sampling of the 800+ photos that I took. Get ready for what might be the longest post in Life Through a Lens history.

There were LOTS of activities, including:

A Mechanical Bull

A Bounce House

Skeet Shooting

How awesome is this couple??

More Mechanical Bull Action

Horseback Rides

Face Painting

A Greased Pole Climb


Pig Chases

And just  good old fashioned fun with friends, family, and of course food!

After dinner, Tom & The Cats performed for a dancing crowd,
and the evening was polished off with
the best fireworks show in the greater Southeast.

I wish I knew the name and address of this couple, so I could mail them a copy of this sweet photo. :)

For more information about the Magnolia Farm, the Hoe-Down, and the reason behind the event, please visit

Hope you all enjoyed these photos
because I sure enjoyed taking them!


P.S. A BIG thanks to Emily for helping me give Life Through a Lens a much needed facelift!
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