Thursday, January 26, 2012

Have a Sparkling Weekend!

Last Tuesday was my roommate's 22nd birthday.
The day was filled with sunshine, rest, coffee (lots of it!), a Food Network marathon, and-best of all- a tag team effort in the kitchen to create one of the tastiest meals that our home has ever produced.
Amanda and I prepared krispy baked chicken, green been casserole, scalloped potatoes, and to top it off I baked a hummingbird bundt cake!

Here are some photos from the evening:

The Birthday Girl!

I accidentally cut a piece before lighting the candles. :( 

Wishing :) 

Roomies Friends for life

PS Hummingbird cake is Amanda's favorite, but it is quite an intensive cake to bake. So, I was very excited when I saw the feature in this month's Southern Living for a "simplified" hummingbird bundt cake. It turned out quite tasty, but let me say, the texture was quite different. Slightly crunchy on the outside and dense on the inside. My sister-in-law commented that it would be the perfect breakfast treat. And, I may or may not have tested that hypothesis...she was correct. :)
Recipe Here

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've said this before (and you guessed it, I will say it again!), one thing I love about photography is the ability to capture texture even in a flat image.

Last weekend I went to the beach, and what better place to focus on texture? The sand, the shells, the water, the reeds- you get the picture (pun!). This works particularly well with neutral colors, such as a large plot of land covered by a white grainy substance...

This is what I saw:

Welcome to Cape San Blas!

A Pet Friendly Beach

Layers on layers on layers

Driftwood is an ideal candidate for capturing texture.

PS Happy New Year to you, friends!