Thursday, August 4, 2011

Must Live Near the Coast.

It seems I'm playing favorites here.
Well, it's the truth.

 In my earlier years, I expressed a love for all things nautical.
Once on a summer vacation, I got an anchor temporarily tattooed on my ankle.
I was devastated when two days later the saltwater prevailed and washed away my $20 tat.

Well apart from the henna rip-off (I learned my lesson the first time), not much has changed.
I own plenty of stripes. I have an anchor charm necklace. And I seem to be drawn to large floating vessels.

Pretty soon the summer will be over, and you will no longer have to endure my
somewhat odd obsession with stinky shrimp boats, rusty anchors, and frayed rope.
But for now, bear with me :)

PS Dear future mister, if you're reading this, I've added to my list of qualifications:
You must live near the coast.

Hope y'all are enjoying the last days of summer vacation!

All my love,

1 comment:

  1. your nautical pictures are amazing. the color, the texture, the composition all stand out. i think you have done a great job at finding stories in your pictures with still life and not relying on portraits to tell the story or elicit a reaction from viewes.