Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Person's Trash...

These photos were taken in Savannah, GA in a store called The Paris Market.
The owner of this charming store travels all over the world looking for items to stock up her two-story space.
Scouring international flea markets and thrift stores, she sees the beauty in aged pieces that have history or tell a story, and brings them back to her own Savannah, GA "Paris Market."
Here are some of my favorites.

The stairwell is lined with hundreds of old schoolbooks that she picked up in Poland.

There's also an entire wall filled with cameras, camera bags, lenses, and even antique family photographs.
 I was pretty much obsessed with the schoolbooks.
What a job. Think she needs an assistant???


  1. The glass knobs are very cool looking.

  2. my favorite is the arrow. i love the suggestion and the composition of the photo. a close second are the stacked books (color) and the files. but the most important question is if you picked up those suitcases? they'd be a great addition to anyone's travel activities.