Friday, March 30, 2012

.teaser. amy maternity shoot

I am in the process of editing some photos for y'all, but as is often the case, life has gotten in the way.

While you wait, here are some images to wet your appetite.

Hooray for my first maternity shoot! 

Stay tuned for more photographs of this lovely mommy-to-be,

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Have you ever had a macaron? Those petite, colorful sandwich cookies that the French pioneered?

I must confess, until a couple of weeks ago, the closest I had come to a macaron was watching Serena and Blair (Gossip Girl people!) nibbling on them while most likely complaining about having too many clothes to choose from in their closet, too many boys to choose from in their life, and too much money to buy macarons. Ok that's probably not true..but you get my point.

My Mom and I stumbled on this French pastry shop- Le Macaron (apropriate, no?)- on our way to lunch in St. Pete. I was thrilled and could not wait to sink my teeth into one of those adorable cookies. Walking back after lunch we passed gelato shops and ice cream shops, but I did not even glance in their direction. I had only one thing on my mind.

I must say they did not disappoint! Mom and I only tried one flavor each (we were quite full after our lunch..)- I think Mom tried the guava (is that right, Mom?) and I had the salted caramel. So tasty!

Have a sweet and colorful day, my friends.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

.colorful scenes from nassau

As promised, here are some colorful scenes that I spotted one day in Nassau:

 For some reason, this couple looked like seasoned sailors to me.

 I could not get over the massive mound of conch shells.
I mean people pay money for conch shells! You know in those tourist shops that line the beaches in Florida?
If I had 5 bucks for every shell in that mound..

 Conch shell cracking tools- pretty basic.
 Conch fritters! 
From Sea to Table my friends :)

 What better way to wash them down than with an ice cold Corona n' lime?

 Secret: I love this shot.

 I spotted this man as I walked by and instantly wanted to take a "Satorialist like" photo of him.
He's so European, yet so islandy at the same time. 
Well, I pretended I was photographing the ships behind him and right before I hit the shutter I panned to the right to fit him in the shot. Sneaky, I know..

 Photogs come in all shapes and sizes, right?!

We had a lovely time in Nassau and on the ship.
Hope y'all enjoyed the photos!


Friday, March 16, 2012

.scenes from nassau + musings in decolorization

Warning! The following photos are without color.

"How dare she deprive me of some of the bluest waters in the world!" you might say.

And to that I would respond, "Fret not, my friend! I have only included photos of the city or the streets of Nassau. No unsaturated oceans in this post!"

Seriously though, real talk for a minute (stay with me Shawner!): there's something about stripping a photo of its color that, in my opinion, really offers the best window into "seeing" the photograph. You're taking away all of the distractions and chaos (very good and beautiful chaos nonetheless) that saturated colors can create and forcing yourself to observe the bones of the image. The composition, the lines, the light, the shadows, the architecture. All of these things are significantly more visible in a shot that lacks color (or is greatly unsaturated).

Yada, yada..

Enjoy the photos- look at them for more than 1 second. See if you can pick up on some of the things I was referring to.

Oh, and stay tuned for COLOR comin' at ya next week. :) 

Have a lovely weekend,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

.chair envy

Interior design is not my forte. I have no earthly idea how to mix ikat with gingham and florals with polka dots. Or how to arrange the living room furniture to balance a cozy conversation area with adequate traffic flow. 

Lucky for me, my mom is an expert at this! Any design question I have I defer straight to her.

But alas, I still so enjoy admiring a well designed room. Over spring break I visited the Vinoy Renaissance Resort [key word: "visited", not "stayed at"] and man their lobby absolutely kills it! 

Here are some of my favorites:

I had to seriously suppress my desire to smuggle this chair out the lobby doors.
Unfortunately it was a little large to fit in my purse.
Note to self: next time bring a bigger purse.

What do you think? Would you be brave enough to showcase this colorful, modern style in your home?

Happy hump day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

.baby love

I watched this little one for the past couple of weeks while his Momma was in town on business. We became good friends.

Here's what I saw one Tuesday morning in between naps and dirty diapers: