Tuesday, March 20, 2012

.colorful scenes from nassau

As promised, here are some colorful scenes that I spotted one day in Nassau:

 For some reason, this couple looked like seasoned sailors to me.

 I could not get over the massive mound of conch shells.
I mean people pay money for conch shells! You know in those tourist shops that line the beaches in Florida?
If I had 5 bucks for every shell in that mound..

 Conch shell cracking tools- pretty basic.
 Conch fritters! 
From Sea to Table my friends :)

 What better way to wash them down than with an ice cold Corona n' lime?

 Secret: I love this shot.

 I spotted this man as I walked by and instantly wanted to take a "Satorialist like" photo of him.
He's so European, yet so islandy at the same time. 
Well, I pretended I was photographing the ships behind him and right before I hit the shutter I panned to the right to fit him in the shot. Sneaky, I know..

 Photogs come in all shapes and sizes, right?!

We had a lovely time in Nassau and on the ship.
Hope y'all enjoyed the photos!


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  1. The beach photo with the lighthouse in the background is beautiful! The water looks too blue to be real!