Wednesday, March 14, 2012

.chair envy

Interior design is not my forte. I have no earthly idea how to mix ikat with gingham and florals with polka dots. Or how to arrange the living room furniture to balance a cozy conversation area with adequate traffic flow. 

Lucky for me, my mom is an expert at this! Any design question I have I defer straight to her.

But alas, I still so enjoy admiring a well designed room. Over spring break I visited the Vinoy Renaissance Resort [key word: "visited", not "stayed at"] and man their lobby absolutely kills it! 

Here are some of my favorites:

I had to seriously suppress my desire to smuggle this chair out the lobby doors.
Unfortunately it was a little large to fit in my purse.
Note to self: next time bring a bigger purse.

What do you think? Would you be brave enough to showcase this colorful, modern style in your home?

Happy hump day!

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  1. Wow! You did a great job capturing the details of the decor!