Friday, March 2, 2012

.birthday photo gallery

Friday evening about 30-40 of my closest friends and family gathered together to surprise me with a lovely birthday party! But not just your typical surprise party, this surprise party doubled as my first gallery exhibit!

It was incredible. There was wine, cheese, olives, shrimp, crab cakes, ham croissants, fruit, veggies, desserts.. And all across the room my photographs were displayed mounted on the walls and on easels.

It was all very classy. (That is until Katy Perry started playing out of the Bose speakers..)

So as promised- here are the rest of the photos. (Disclaimer: 98% of these were taken by my Dad. He graciously offered to snap photos of the evening so that I could socialize and enjoy the event.)

Look at all that food! Did I mention my Mom and Aunt made ALL of it??

This guy planned and coordinated the whole event. Thank you so much big bro!

So many people!

Big Bro # 2 :)

Now that's a good lookin' group.

People actually wanted to buy my photos. Are you kidding me?? I was floored. 

Stemless wine glasses- so appropriate for a 21st no? ;)

And best dressed of the evening goes to...

Also, if you're wondering if Shawn and I look alike (which you obviously were not), the answer is yes. But only from the side.

Meet my friend Kaitlyn. She rocks my socks.

The lovely lady in the middle took care of the flower arrangements! She's one of the kindest women I know.

Oh you know, just observing my art =)

Hope y'all enjoyed the photos.

I have never felt so loved in my whole life. I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the time, effort, money, and thought that went into this evening. Oh! And thanks for everyone who came! I could not believe how many people chose to be there for me. My heart overflows with gratitude.


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