Thursday, March 22, 2012


Have you ever had a macaron? Those petite, colorful sandwich cookies that the French pioneered?

I must confess, until a couple of weeks ago, the closest I had come to a macaron was watching Serena and Blair (Gossip Girl people!) nibbling on them while most likely complaining about having too many clothes to choose from in their closet, too many boys to choose from in their life, and too much money to buy macarons. Ok that's probably not true..but you get my point.

My Mom and I stumbled on this French pastry shop- Le Macaron (apropriate, no?)- on our way to lunch in St. Pete. I was thrilled and could not wait to sink my teeth into one of those adorable cookies. Walking back after lunch we passed gelato shops and ice cream shops, but I did not even glance in their direction. I had only one thing on my mind.

I must say they did not disappoint! Mom and I only tried one flavor each (we were quite full after our lunch..)- I think Mom tried the guava (is that right, Mom?) and I had the salted caramel. So tasty!

Have a sweet and colorful day, my friends.


  1. The chairs in this place are my favorite. Also, the coffee cup pic with your hand holding it is great!

  2. There's a Le Macaron in Winter Park! I think it's worth an Orlando trip!