Friday, August 26, 2011

Project [Blank]

Hello Friends!

So, I have a project I want to attempt....
You know those photo people who do the project 365? They take a photo a day for a year.
Well, those people inspired me.
I am going to do something similar.....but a little different.
Having been together for 20 years, I know myself pretty well by now,
And I know that if I set such a "broad" goal there's no way I will achieve it.
So, I am going to scale it down.
I am going to post (AT LEAST) 30 photos over the next month.
Everyday that you visit "Life Through a Lens" there will be (AT LEAST) one new photo posted.
Somedays it might be more than one.
Somedays it might be twelve.
Somedays it might be 3.
But it will never be zero.

So put it on your calendar. Pencil me in. "Check Life Thorough a Lens."
Keeps your friends accountable. Be the blog police. "Ma'am, have you been drinking tonight checked Life Through a Lens today?"

Check it when you're happy.
Check it when you're sad.
Check it when you're lonely.
Check it when you're mad.
My goal is to make you smile!

It's a lot of responsibility but I'm willing to accept the challenge.
Are you excited?? I'm excited.


PS I need a good title for this project! I'm open to suggestions! Send me your thoughts :)


  1. I love this idea. How about you call it "The smile project" since thats your goal. Or, something cooler like "Glimps 30 project" Like 30 glimpses into your life through a lense each month. Or.... i dont know I will have to keep thinking.

    p.s. I will hold you accountable ;)

  2. I am excited to see what you shots you post! My suggestion for a title is Project Inspire.
    Good Luck in your quest!