Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've said this before (and you guessed it, I will say it again!), one thing I love about photography is the ability to capture texture even in a flat image.

Last weekend I went to the beach, and what better place to focus on texture? The sand, the shells, the water, the reeds- you get the picture (pun!). This works particularly well with neutral colors, such as a large plot of land covered by a white grainy substance...

This is what I saw:

Welcome to Cape San Blas!

A Pet Friendly Beach

Layers on layers on layers

Driftwood is an ideal candidate for capturing texture.

PS Happy New Year to you, friends!



  1. This may be my favorite post of your's so far. The pictures are, as you said, full of texture!The birds flying pic, the upclose shells and the house with the sea oats are my favs, but I love them all. Thank you for this post...I will probably look at it several times.

  2. the pictures of the shells were great. i think i like the pictures of the birds and shells the most.