Monday, November 7, 2011

Under the Blue Sky.

Friends, the following snapshots were taken over the course of a weekend spent in Georgia with a few of my very best friends.
The essential connector among these photos is the feelings they evoke.
In my opinion, they communicate a sense of life- "the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change"- and a fervor for living alongside nature underneath a [not always] blue sky.
 From the smiling faces of my friends to the fiery red of a fall leaf- this is what I find beautiful.
Hope you enjoy.

Photo Credit: Emily from ThePrettySimpleLife

"All that hath life and breath come now with praises before him."



  1. Oh, what a fun trip. I love this collection of photos & I like the editing! I can tell you've been listening to Jill Phillips. :) Great job as always Carol.

    p.s. I look like I have red highlights.

  2. Some day I will live in Georgia. Love this post, especially the picture of the deer grazing.

  3. I think Anonymous should move to Huntsville and bring her daughter with her :) It is very lovely here.