Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Maybe I Should Marry a Farmer?

Hi Friends!
I am home for Christmas break, and I must say it is wonderful!
It's such a relaxing (albeit very strange) feeling not to have to do anything.
I could lay on the couch and watch the Food Network literally all day if I wanted to.
Now, believe me, I'm not that lazy...sometimes..I mean who doesn't enjoy at least 4 consecutive hours of the Food Network??
I digress..

So, my mom has a small garden.
Some of which I have shared with you already (recall this Meyer Lemon tree?)
And it absolutely thrills me to step outside and enjoy the beauty of the leafy greens, slender beans, and delicate peas.
Also, there's just something so rewarding about cooking the vegetables that you (eh-hem your mom..) grew.
A few nights ago, Mother made Dad and I a delicious "Chinese food"meal using her very own green onions and bok choy. 
Naturally I followed her outside (camera in tow) while she picked her veggies.
This is what I saw:

Disclaimer: This is not part of the garden..We don't eat fire wood.

After about 15 minutes of shooting, Mother annoyingly informed me that her bok choy was tired of being photographed, and it was time to go inside. :)

How are y'all enjoying your Christmas break?

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  1. I love these pics. Plants make way better models than humans! Thanks for posting!