Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 1

Hello Blog Readers! I had every intention of posting this last night (notice the title), until my roommate appropriately reminded me of the homework I needed to complete for this morning. I highly recommend taking classes with friends! It always works to your advantage...until they get a better grade than you...

Anyways, yesterday was December 1- the first day of possibly the best month of the year, besides February (my birth month) and May (perfect weather) and November (pumpkin pie)...I digress. December. It started yesterday, which means Christmas is officially upon us. For those of you who refused to listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving, you must officially give in. It is the Holiday Season my friends!

In honor of this important day, I made this wreath! Isn't it fun? Our house is filled with homemade, hand-me-down, and thrift store items so it fits in perfectly. Except I put it on the door to my room..1) because I'm selfish and want all the Christmas cheer for myself 2) because we already have a wreath in the living room 3) because I made it! geez!

We're still working on getting our tree. Lately, it seems like we're never home at the same time (when we're not sleeping)..

So Merry Christmas friends! How are you showing your Christmas cheer?

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