Saturday, March 5, 2011

Decade 3.

Hello friends!
 It's been awhile since we've talked. I apologize for my absence. It's been a combination of things. 
For one, my camera was out of commission for awhile. The flash wasn't functioning properly, so I had to send it to the Canon repair center. 
Also, I've been very busy with school these days. Seems like the only free time I have I spend it eating and/or doing homework.  
But not last weekend. Last weekend, I got to spend it doing fun things like getting a pedicure, eating cake, and opening presents. And to top it off, I got to spend it with sweet family and friends. 
Last weekend I waved goodbye to my teenage years, and with an eager smile I embraced my twenties. 
I am so looking forward to what this decade might bring.
Here is a visual recounting of my weekend:
Thursday night (my actual birthday) I came home to a decorated house, sneaky friends, homemade cards, and cinnabon cupcakes (thanks hilarious roomie from post #1). What a way to kick off the celebration!
How cute is that table??    

Hilarious Roomie from Post #1 also gave me a charming little coffee mug :)

 Saturday morning we woke up and made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.
 They were delightful! 
After breakfast, we headed out for pedicures.
I know, talk about a girly weekend!
I was eating it up.
We all chose bright, vibrant colors in honor of the recent warm weather :)

After pedicures, I really wanted to soak up the sun and test out my new lens (a birthday gift from my parents!). Soo, we decided to trek downtown and see what kind of mischief we could get into.
More like what kind of props we could find for the best friend photoshoot that has become one of my favorite things to do.

Don't I have pretty friends??

 Outside of a chic little jazz lounge, I spotted this AWESOME couch, and immediately ordered my subjects to have a seat, take a load off, rest their feet..
Not that I didn't love their colorful spring outfits, but I found myself wishing they were wearing sleek black dresses and chunky necklaces. 
This girl just can't not smile. :)

I can't wait to re-visit this location for another shoot.

Ok. Moving on. 
Phase 3..or is it 4? Who knows.
The Food. That's the important part.
After meandering around downtown, we headed over to my brother and sister's for a delicious low country boil.

 Gosh, doesn't that look yummy??

The guests included but were not limited to:

                                      Adeline.                                               Out of town friends: Sashi & Ivy!

                     My sweet Momma & future Sister!                                And of course: Best Friends

 Mommy & Daddy :)
 My Mom made me TWO cakes. Two cakes! And you thought my weekend peaked at the shrimp...

The first was a key lime pound cake. My Mom's first ever attempt at pound cake. How she has lived in the South her whole life and never made a pound cake I'm not sure, but regardless it was a huge success! The second was a coconut cake. And it was unbelievable. My favorite for sure. I had a piece of each just so I could properly assess her baking abilities :)
Hilarious Roomie from post # 1 took this succession of photos.

Yep, I'm full of hot air. (As my Granddad says..every birthday)

So, what'd ya think? Was it worth the wait?
I sure hope it was.
I promise to never leave you again for that length of time.
I've missed y'all!


  1. What a great post! Yes! It was worth the wait and yes, you do have pretty friends! I really like the water fountain picture and of course the flower photos. Your mom looks like a great cook!

  2. I find this post delightful. All the vibrant colors and waterfalls, and the tasty looking low country boil make me crave summer time. You have beautiful friends and good looking parents! My favorite photo from this post is number 22. That friend has great legs. Keep up the good work you're my favorite blogger!

  3. i think my favorite post was the fountain picture. that is a great shot.