Monday, March 7, 2011


It's wedding season in my family. Maybe more like engagement season.
My cousin and his fiance were engaged over Christmas break and were so sweet to ask me to take their engagement photos!
So we headed out to Jackie's grandfather's farm, on a cloudy winter day..half expecting the pictures to be as dull as the sky.
But as soon as we got out there, I realized how perfect the day actually was. 

We had friends.

Aren't they precious?

Both Jonathan & Jackie and Shawn and MM (Remember These??) mainly wanted to use the photos for their Save the Dates. So a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to receive the finished products in the mail. What a joy it is to see my work printed! I am so grateful to the lovely couples for giving me such a wonderful opportunity! Thanks y'all.

They mailed one to each one of my roommates. How cute :)

I feel official.


  1. Wedding season in your family, huh? The real question is, what is your status???

  2. She has some definite prospects. In photography and with the fellas.