Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Can Hear The Bells

Two weekends ago, I went home for my cousin Jacqueline's bridal shower.
We had delicious food, dessert, and lots of gifts! 
Take a look:

Somehow I always end up with more pictures of dessert than "real food."

The brunette is the lovely bride-to-be. :)
 With her future mother-in-law (my sweet auntie).
It was even a kid-friendly shower!
The kiddies enjoyed the desserts. :) Oh how I wish I could see his eyes in the left picture.
Meet Jeremiah- my adorable little cousin.

They are a cooking-pair. She got lots of kitchen necessities!
And Southern essentials- I thought this was such a neat gift!
Of course the traditional "bow bouquet." 
(Is that the proper term? Or did I just make that up?)
This photo sat on the gift table!
Also, notice the real bouquet in front of it? My sweet Momma made this and set it in Jacqueline's chair, so everyone would know which was the "Bride's Chair."

I'm so excited for such a wonderful addition to my family.
June 4th is just around the corner! It'll be here before we know it! 


  1. loved the cake pictures, before and after. also, nothing like seeing a handful of future interior designers, wedding planners, and overall fabulous boys in attendance.... i kid i kid, whose to say they won't be fashion designers?

  2. You did a great job capturing this day. Too many great shots to pick a favorite!

  3. These pictures are beautiful. The flowers look so pretty. I agree with Mutch Cumstein, the cake pictures awesome.