Friday, April 29, 2011

One For The Books.

Today is a day of celebration.
Today is a day of excitement.
Today is a day of anticipation.
Today is a day of nervousness.
Today is graduation.
Well, not for me! For Emily that is. :)

She picked up her cap and gown earlier this week, so we decided to snap some photos around campus.
Check 'em out:

Some of my favorite pictures are always the ones that are unplanned and slightly flawed. This is overexposed and candid. I love it.

Happy Graduation Day Roomie!
I'm so proud of you.


  1. YAY FOR EMMCAT!!! So proud of our friend. p.s. awesome pics, photographer :)

  2. Carolyn!!! I love them!! You are so sweet lovie :) Thank you so much for being an awesome roommate, friend and photographer!

  3. Congratulations to HRFP#1! These pictures are great. My favorite is the bench photo.

  4. i'm pro HRFP#1. i really like the picture with the hat fallen to the ground. it's not that it fell, i like how close to the ground the picture is. very cool.

    also, congratulations emily!!