Monday, August 27, 2012

.hey, stranger.

In London, one day for class we met on the Southbank, near the Eye. Eileen (one of my instructors) brought along a white backdrop and told us to find some subjects. 

There were about 15 girls in our class and the most daring of us each took turns approaching strangers and asking if they'd be willing to pose for a bunch of eager photography students. We got a lot of no-s, and a few yes-es. Those who agreed were quite friendly and comfortable in front of the camera, considering the number of American girls crowding in front of them snapping away like horses chomping at the bit. 

Here's what I saw:

It was a little tricky to get good shots considering we were all bumping up against and elbowing each other (note to self: don't become a paparazzi!), but I enjoyed the challenge of capture unique yet accurate angles. 

It was impossible at times to take a shot without getting the real background (not the white sheet) in the image, but reflecting on these images I actually really love the context that is provided by this slight mishap.

These two girls in black were on vacation from Spain. We had trouble understanding their broken English, but their exceptional placidity and kindness was evident. 

They say a smile is a universal language.

Have a lovely Monday, friends.

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