Friday, August 31, 2012


Life as a creative type is not always bright colors and pretty pictures. In fact, often times it's quite the opposite. Some days the world just looks a little dull, and I lack the desire to even pick up my camera. And that is perfectly ok; sometimes you need a break.
On days like this I often turn to the Internet for inspiration. With Pinterest and the millions of blogs floating around the web, it's never been simpler to find inspiration. Be careful though, the Internet has an uncanny ability to make you feel oddly inspired and wholly inadequate at the same time. Don't let that be the case. Even the best of the best will say there's always room for improvement.

Appreciate good work for what it is, and use it as motivation for yourself- a virtual kick in the pants, if you will. ;)
This summer, a couple of weeks after I got home from London, I struggled with this feeling of inadequacy. I didn't touch my camera for an entire week, but when I finally picked it up, I never wanted to put it back down.

Here are some fun pictures I took of my friend Emily when we were at the beach. The beauty of being an "aspiring" photographer is that you can set up random photo shoots whenever you want and just pass them off as "practice."  :)

Here's what I saw one sunny day on Hutchinson Island:

Happy Friday & and Go Noles,

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