Wednesday, February 13, 2013

.haley, wedding shower

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of throwing a wedding shower for my cousin (basically sister!) Haley. Haley and Ross will be married in April, and I cannot be more excited.

The shower was at a nearby restaurant that is in an old Southern house. My Mom helped me make some flower arrangements of camellias (remember how much I love these flowers?), and they turned out lovely. We played a fun game called He Said/She Said that involved holding up fake mustaches and lips. It was great fun! I loved watching my sweet Grandma hold up the mustache. :)

I must confess I did not take all of these photos, as I was doing a lot of hostess-ing. My sweet friend Meredith took many of them, but I couldn't help but share! Thanks Mery!

Haley, you looked absolutely beautiful! I hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much as I did.


PS I apologize for my absence lately. I have been working on a very exciting project. There will be big news coming soon on Life Through A Lens, so be on the look out! 


  1. I was wondering when you would return with a post. Love this one! This shower looks beautiful. Thats a lucky bride! I love the photo of everyones shocked faces at the margarita maker. p.s. your welcome for snapping some shots ;)

  2. hahaha Anna, you are such a sneaky sally.

  3. Also, this looks like a beautiful shower. Sad that I missed it. Congratulations Haley!

  4. Beautiful shower, beautiful bride and beautiful photos!