Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tournament Play.

I'm taking a risk here folks. 
Well, really two risks.
First: I'm taking a risk by posting pictures of sports instead of flowers and/or pretty girls (It's a risk given my largely female demographic. Try to keep up).
Second: These pictures aren't that great. I don't think I have the best lens for taking athletic shots. Plus, golf is the kind of sport that you have to be quiet and stop moving when someone is about to hit, so I couldn't exactly get in the golfers' faces..
So here's the deal. 
I'm learning. 
And instead of just not posting my "not so great" photos, I'm going to post them anyways. And we can improve together.
Sound good?
Okay, great.
That's my Dad. He's pretty awesome. He's also pretty awesome at golf (hence the 3 championships).

Left to Right: Dad's friend, Dad, Brother, Brother (w/ tee in his mouth- he has all of his teeth).

Thoughts, Thoughts, Anyone??
I really would love to hear your thoughts!
Seriously, bring it on.


  1. I enjoyed them! I'm not a photographer, but from what I can see, you did a really nice job for your first sport action shots. Love the water shots and the sand shot. You can see the ball in the air. Nice job!

  2. love the shots. i think your best work is with the close ups, action or still. i think the wide shots will need to be set pieces and/or better lenses. i loved every picture and the order you posted them. also, i was wondering about that tee. i thought he had bug fly into his mouth or something. haha