Monday, May 9, 2011

The Tropics

Pictures from a recent vacation to South Florida:

I loved the variation in the hibiscus plants.

A fallen soldier..
PS I hate that kind of grass (don't know the name). It just looks itchy.


There was also a variety of Palm trees. 

This was my favorite. 
It's hard to tell from the picture, but it had frons fanning all the way around the stem instead of just on either side like most Palms. 
Anyone know what it's called??

If I ever live in South Florida (which chances are I never will), I think my favorite part would be the tropical plants. There would probably be a big bouquet of hibiscus blooms on my kitchen table every morning. They really are beautiful.


  1. loved the post. i really liked the textures you captured in the pictures. not sure my favorite but the hibiscus series were my favorite subjects.

  2. These are prettier than computer wallpapers carol. :)

  3. So beautiful. Makes me want to live in South Florida. So much variety. You capture details in your photos that we miss when looking with the naked eye.