Saturday, May 21, 2011

Elizabeth & Steve.

Steve loves Elizabeth.
Elizabeth loves Steve. 
Elizabeth also loves horses.
Steve and Elizabeth love their black lab.
See what happens when two people, two animals (at times 3), and a whole lotta love come together:

One Big Happy Family. :)
We were interrupted.
The Culprit.
Love brings laughter.

And smiles.

Lots of smiles!

I will always remember Elizabeth and Steve for giving me the first opportunity to shoot a couple not directly related to me. 
I had such a wonderful time, and I wish them all the luck in their upcoming marriage!


  1. These pictures are great! Steve and Elizabeth look like they are having so much fun! Love the pics with the unexpected guest. :)

  2. great pictures!! i think the first swing picture with them together was my favorite. great job!

  3. Awesome pictures!! Love how happy they look together, and the unposed pictures!

  4. Wonderful pictures! Fun & sweet!

  5. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments!