Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love Train.

 Last weekend Jonathan and Jackie tied the knot. 
The night before the nuptials, my aunt threw a fabulous Rehearsal Dinner party!
An old train depot with killer architecture and warm lighting made for some awesome photos.
Get ready for a lottttt of pictures..

Before my Mom and Aunt worked their design magic.
Aren't the ceilings sweet??
After my Mom and Aunt worked their design magic!
Quart sized Mason Jars held daisies in the center of the tables, and each guest had a pint sized Mason Jar to sip their beverage of choice.

Originally, I wanted to get a picture of every guest on the old train and create a photo guestbook for the couple, but I quickly ran out of steam (no pun intended). Plus I wanted to go inside and actually join the party!
The lovely couple. :)

While the food was finishing up, guests could take part in a game of corn hole.

Corn on the Cobb was served as an appetizer.

It was a big hit!

The main course featured barbeque ribs, beef brisket, loaded potato casserole, green beans, and rolls.
Needless to say, I was concerned about the fitting of my dress the next day.

Oh, and did I mention there were root beer floats..? Root beer floats! After all that food!
But let's be real, who can pass up a root beer float? They're a crowd favorite.

Day & Night.

The Groom with some of his good friends.
The bride with her almost sister & mother in-law.

It really was a grand time!
I betcha wish you were there. Just looking at these pictures, makes me jealous for you. 
In T-9 days we get to do it again!
Just with THIS couple and a different venue.
I can't wait.
"A wedding? I love weddings. Drinks all around!"


  1. Loved them. I liked the pictures of the guy in the cowboy hat. he had several that were pretty good. I also liked the black haired lady biting the corn on the cobb. The train pictures were great, too. Best collection of the bunch.

    Of the non people, i liked the food. The dessert table shots were outstanding. #fatkid

  2. Carol! These pictures are great! The corn hole bags came out awesome. The root beer float pictures are my favorite. Probably because it reminded me of that time we went out to Publix at 11:00pm in search of one. Can't wait to see all the memories captured at next weekend's event!! :)