Thursday, October 27, 2011

"All You Have To Do Is Call"





This has been a long-term project. I've collected many photos of this style, over the past couple of years.  Just recently, it occurred to me that I could make a time sequence out of them.
Last month I went on a road-trip to North Georgia and completed the last of the four seasons- Fall!
I'd like to display them somehow. 
Any ideas?

P.S. These are my hands in every photo. Which means, that I did not actually operate the camera. However, I did "style" the photograph, which totally counts. :)


  1. i had a great aunt and uncle who were like grandparents. they had these four mirrors with gold inlayed on the bottom of the mirrors showing a tree through each season.

    this post reminds me of those mirrors. such a cool idea and obviously took planning. i think this would be a good piece to own if they were placed together in a window frame setting.

  2. Oh the seasons, how I love you! Great job with the the styling. I think you should display them in some sequential way like a window pane that only has four openeings or something. The fall and winter ones are my favorite. Those pink gloves are awesome. You're awesome.

  3. Great photos... I am sure the memories that go with each makes them even more special. I agree that these photos would look good in a window frame type picture frame.

    -Amy J.