Friday, May 25, 2012

.furry friday

Remember when I told you that I've been practicing a lot for this upcoming wedding...?

Well the thing is, there are people in weddings. Lots of them. And sometimes if you want to practice photographing a wedding, you need people to pose for you. And other times, you just don't have anyone with you at 10 AM when you get a spontaneous surge of motivation.

Enter Link.

Link is my 6-pound dog. He's half pomeranian, half yorkie, and 100% energy.

Except in the mornings at 10 AM, when he prefers to lounge on the couch and keep an eye out the window. Ya know, for any squirrels, neighbors, or bunnies that may pass by. 

He's a pretty good model, no? 

Enjoy your long weekend, my friends!


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