Monday, May 21, 2012

.sam. senior shoot

Lately, I've been struggling with a lack of inspiration and great lack of confidence. 

I'm shooting a wedding in two weeks. Did I tell y'all that? Real talk: I. Am. Nervous.

Much of my time lately has been spent in preparations for this upcoming wedding. I've been reading, practicing, preparing. 

Preparation is good, but it can also become very scientific, very methodical, very UN-fun. Thus the lack of inspiration and confidence.. 

Yesterday, I set out around sunset to take some senior photos for a good family friend of mine who is graduating high school this week. 10 minutes into the shoot I felt instantly rejuvenated. Beautiful scenery, a willing subject, and I was immediately reminded of why I love photography.

Here's what I saw:

Sam, thank you for being so patient and cooperative with me! Congratulations, on graduating. Alabama is lucky to have you.

Roll Tide Roll,

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  1. Such a good Senior shoot! You can tell Sam loves the water. You did a great job capturing that. He's a cute guy!