Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Hello friends! I have a little update on my life as of late. I recently got a job as an assistant to a local wedding photographer. Her name is Catherine from Woodland Fields Photography, and she is incredible. I am so lucky to be able to observe and learn from her!

So far, I have assisted at three weddings. And just to clarify, "assist" does not mean the same thing as "second shoot." I have merely been caring bags, changing lens, and setting up lighting. ALL important things, mind you. But, to be honest it has been quite difficult to witness all these lovely weddings and not have a camera in hand to capture them. So, what have I been doing? Using my iPhone of course! 8 megapixels of gold. ;)

Here's what I've seen in between carrying a 20 lb camera bag and scarfing down sampling wedding cake:

Have a restful Sunday, my friends :)

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  1. Nice pictures! Especially using an iPhone!