Sunday, September 9, 2012

.london.columbia road flower market.

Raise your hand if you're tired of London posts. 

Guess whose hand is not raised? This girllll's. So if yours is.. Well then, get over it. ;)

You're in for a treat today. I'm giving you a first hand look into one of the happiest, most hidden places in London. Ok, maybe it's not hidden per say.. but it's definitely off the beaten path. Let's just say I got lost approximately 6 times trying to get there. 

Every Sunday, Hackney's Columbia Road (located in London's trendy East End) shuts down to automobile traffic and plays host to a number of boisterous vendors selling the most beautiful flowers on Earth. White tents lining both sides of the street house fresh cut stems and potted plants- all waiting patiently for their new owner to come scoop them up and place them in a clear vase or a clay pot. 

I visited the Columbia Road Flower Market twice while I was in London- the first time to buy flowers and the second time to take photos. But I can guarantee you if I ever call London home, you'll know where to find me every Sunday morning. :)

Here's what I saw:

What do you think? Would you visit the Columbia Road Flower Market?

Have a beautiful Sunday my friends!

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