Tuesday, January 15, 2013

.january finds

It's crazy how life moves on so quickly isn't it? Christmas parties and New Years celebrations were only a few short weeks ago, yet my life feels so far removed from that these days. Like I've already folded up my holiday spirit and tucked it away in a box marked Christmas- next to the the red velvet bows and stuffed snowmen. 

It's 80 degrees here in Florida. All analogies aside, I really have folded up my knit scarves and reluctantly tucked them in the back of my drawer. But yesterday, I took a walk (in my shorts and flip flops!) and discovered these tiny treasures outside my door. Little beacons of winter light, reminding me that it is only January 14, and life has plenty of hot cocoa and fuzzy socks left to enjoy in this winter season. 

Soak it up my friends. Don't let life pass you by too quickly. Stop and enjoy it. Look around. See the beauty that exists right outside your door.

Until next time,

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