Monday, June 18, 2012

.savannah bee company

Last summer my Mom and I traveled to Savannah, Georgia. One of my favorite memories from the trip was our visit to the Savannah Bee Company, and I can't believe I've waited this long to share it with y'all!

The Savannah Bee Company sells honey, as you probably guessed. But they don't just sell your average Orange Blossom honey that you see in Publix. They sell Tupelo honey, Acacia honey, Charleston honey, Savannah honey, Black Sage honey, honeycomb (!) and my personal favorite Sourwood honey [ps these are only the varieties that my one-year-later-memory can recall. I'm pretty sure they had even more].

They offer tastings of the various honeys, as well as desserts and beverages made to order. Oh and did I mention that the store's decor was pretty rad, too? Well, it was. And I took lots of pictures to prove it. :)

Here's what I saw in between licking my fingers of sticky Sourwood honey:


PS My brother and his wife are heading to Savannah today to celebrate their anniversary. If you're reading this, make sure to stop in the S.B.C. And feel free to pick up something for your little sis while you're there. ;)

Happy Monday all!

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  1. Ooooo I like this post! I like the colors in the pics. Great photography!