Wednesday, October 3, 2012

.oh hey, october

Remember this picture? You've seen it before( HERE!).

My friend Emily took it last October. My, how times flies. It sure doesn't seem like a year ago that I went running around in search of red and gold leaves to complete my 4 Seasons series.

October is one of my favorite months of the year. It's cozy and warm, like an old blanket. Every year I welcome it's return, but this year I just forgot. The first of the month came and went. The second came and went. And alas October 3rd is here, and thanks to Emily I am now ready to  carve paint pumpkins, bake pumpkin bread donuts, and don knit scarves.

"Did you know it's October? When the heck was it almost going to be 2013? Crazy." -text from Emily.

Happy (2 days late) October, my friends.

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  1. Love that picture. Love that it's October. Love pumpkins. Love that we get to use fall emojis like it is our j-o-b. Love you!!