Thursday, November 1, 2012

.food photography. pumpkin donuts!

Real talk: when I was little my first word was "candy."

I had a sweet tooth like none other. When it came time for my kindergarten medical shots, my mom bribed me with a bag of skittles. And by age 6, I acquired 6 cavities (that is a skill, my friends).

Over the years, this sweet tooth has lingered, and yesterday I found myself craving about 45 fun size Twix bars. So instead of driving to Publix and shamefully purchasing the Buy One Get One Free large bags of candy, I did the mature, sophisticated thing.

I made donuts.

And naturally, I took pictures. Here's what I saw:

(Donut recipe found HERE. I altered the glaze recipe because I couldn't find maple extract.)

Hope y'all had a sweet Halloween!

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